Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged . . . twice!

OK, so I wasn't quite fast enough when Monica tagged me and Julie K tagged me the second time.

I (verb)
I am:content, most of the time
I think: random thoughts
I know: I am loved and valued by God
I want: to walk in the surf along a shoreline with amazing scenery
I have: freedom in Christ; much more freedom than women in other parts
of the world
I wish: my parents knew the Lord
I hate: my inconsistency / lack of being intentional
I miss: England in the Spring and Fall
I fear: something happening to my sons
I feel: tired after a long day at work
I hear: one of my cats purring and the birds singing outside
I smell: coffee
I search: for answers in the Word
I wonder: who my next daughter-in-law will be
I regret: not being able to see my birth father before he died
I ache: miserably this week due to fibro
I care: about doing things right
I always: love cooking for friends
I am not: an American by birth, but I am SO thankful to live here
I believe: in the power of grace
I dance: poorly
I sing: really well in the car
I cry: at chick flicks and tv commercials
I don't always: dry the dishes
I fight: when backed into a corner or to defend my boys
I write: because Monica encouraged me
I win: when I obey the Lord
I lose:when I try to control and "fix" things; when I don't renew my mind with scripture
I never: take my freedom for granted
I confuse: my thoughts and words . . .its an age thing :-)
I listen: to wise teachers (Pastor Todd, John Piper, Beth Moore)
I can usually be found: 3rd or 4th row, center, at church....LOL
I am afraid of: snakes, big spiders, bats, you know, creatures who don't
"sit" or "stay"where they are supposed to . . . ugh
I need: to surrender completely to the Lord
I am happy about: having girlfriends who love the Lord and want to grow
I'm tagging Barbara and anyone else who hasn't been tagged.


God's Girl said...

Yay! I love reading these! Are you from England? I think I learned something new about you tonight...

Love you!

Carolynne said...

Yes, you are right! Born in England to English parents, Mom remarried an American in 1965 and we came to America with him. . . quite the story . . . from beautiful, green Cambridge U.K. to brown, stinky Amarillo, TX.

Talk about culture shock. :0)

Love u back

Barbara said...

I am only going to do this tag because you are so sweet I can't not do it. It was fun learning things about you!