Monday, June 2, 2008

An Intentional Life

Although to most people I can seem incredibly organized and capable, which I have to be at work, but the past year and a half I feel as if I'm drifting or just reacting to what is happening around me, especially with my health. Its time to take charge and become intentional.

Here's the dictionary take on intentional:

Done or said on purpose:
deliberate, intended, purposeful, voluntary, willful, witting. purpose/purposelessness.
Planned, weighed, or estimated in advance:
calculated, considered, deliberate, premeditated.

Opposite of intentional: accidental, unintentional, unplanned

I've been watching a DVD series by John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life . . . Its thought provoking and convicting at the same time. I want to be intentional in my living for Christ.

Its a journey . . . and I think my first step has to be exercise since my health seems to be the area I am least intentional in. Agh! I know! I'm reading some of your blogs and you are getting organized - you go girls!!!

My plan tonight is to be purposeful in reading about my new health supplements and deliberate in getting up and walking in the morning before work. That's really early . . .I'll let you know what happens. :0)

I know there is a web site, - haven't explored it yet, partly b/c my personality would be to want to do everything on that site! Has anyone checked that site out?


Anonymous said...

I haven't checked that site out, but I'm right there with you in the mornings. That's so tough, even though I know that my day goes so much better when I'm up before the kids. I have resorted to praying when I get up - Lord, I can ONLY do this by your strength!!! That, and I put my alarm clock on the other side of the room. LOL :)

God's Girl said...

Thanks for sharing! What a good reminder about living intentional! I know how difficult it can be when you aren't feeling good. May the Lord give us strength to do what He desires for us to do!!!

Love you!