Monday, December 29, 2008

Colorado Christmas

Christmas morning in Colorado Springs. Our Christmas mornings always start with hot sausage rolls and tea. Its one of our British traditions. Here's Don with the first plate of sausage rolls.
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Great shot of Dad and Clementine.
Don and Seann and yet more sausage rolls.

Mom relaxing in her chair.
Seann tackling his stocking. He has a Zits calendar - one of our favorite comics.
Dad and Matilda! Her favorite spot to sleep is on the recliner with dad.

I was 'honored' by Cadbury's (yes, she is named after the chocolate) presence - she doesn't usually cuddle with me, but I had great flannel pjs.......
Fabulous shot of Pike's Peak from Mom and Dad's backyard. The clouds are covering the tip of the peak.Mom carefully studying the joke/question from inside the Christmas Cracker.

Dad and Seann getting ready to pull the cracker! Another British tradition. You put them on the table for Christmas dinner - get someone near you to "pull" the cracker with you, wait for the 'pop' and find out your prize inside. There is also a hat and silly riddle. And yes, we wear our hats :0)

Well, everyone except Don, who refuses to wear any kind of party hat.
Don trying to figure out his prize.Friday we drove around looking at houses in one of our favorite neighborhoods. The Christmas lawn ornaments in Colorado move - on their own - no batteries or extension cords needed. Lots of deer in this area.

Saturday brought another amazing blue sky and high temps in the 20's . . . yes, 20's . . . it was fabulous! There is nothing special about these houses, its the sky and the view of the Peak we wanted to capture. Later in the day you could see the snow blowing off the Peak. . . just gorgeous.
Yes, Seann's in the snow and freezing. We were out looking at model homes. Temp. was in the 20's with considerable wind!
I'm in great need of coffee! Don and I at Don's new coffee hang out, Pike's Perk.
I let Seann have the camera for this one......
Oh, back to reality. Seann and I at the airport Sunday afternoon, heading home to Phoenix.


God's Girl said...

Great pictures. Looks so pretty there! You got to have a white Christmas. That's so nice! : )

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you blogging again! :)

Great pictures - maybe we can come visit one year and enjoy that BEAUTIFUL scenery and weather with you!

I love your flannel pj's, too!

Glad you could spend Christmas with your family. Love you!

My Blessed Life said...

Great pictures Colorado is so pretty. Looks like you all had a great Christmas.