Sunday, August 10, 2008

R U Tattooed?

Don works with someone who has a friend who works at RU Tattooed in Colorado Springs. Amazingly, its 10 minutes from my parents house - so off we go to visit. My first visit to a tattoo parlor. LOL
Very interesting inside - nice young guy working there - fascinating "tatts" - all kinds of awards won (who knew you could win awards as a tattoo artist?)
Clean! Its really, really clean in here :0) Blew my sterotype of tatt parlors.

Don announces he not only loves Colorado Springs, is NOT going to come back to Phoenix, but now has decided to change his thoughts on tattoos. He could really consider getting one and starts looking at designs. After recovering from the shock, I help him pick a design. He likes the Lion of Judah, I suggest he start with something smaller, like a crown of thorns around his bicep.
Hey, if you get a tattoo, don't I get one too?

Picture of Don's first choice

Interesting contrasts on the walls!

Yeah, he's gonna do it. Agh!
They don't let me get any closer - you have to stay behind this really big chain - think industrial sized - and just watch

Errrrr . . . are you really sure?

Nervous laughter

OK, true confessions! This was a PRANK we played on the kids. Don always pulls pranks on them and manages to keep a straight face.
I suggested we take his picture at the shop and tell the kids he got a "tatt"
The young man was SO nice - he went along with the prank. He attends the same Calvary church we visited the Sunday we were there.
Its his dad's shop and they are very busy through word of mouth advertising. Lots of church goers head there for the "ink."
Ronda, our daughter-in-law didn't buy the pics because she knows how Don feels about "tatts." Ian sort of believed and kept insisting to see the "ink." Seann, our oldest, who sports many "tatts" was astounded that dad would do this but we had a great discussion on how Don chose his tatt, how long it took, etc. etc.
The kids said if Dad really didn't get a tattoo, then this was an elaborate prank!
Two weeks after we were home and the kids were at the house, we had to fess up . . . anyway, it was good fun, especially since I instigated the prank. . . LOL


God's Girl said...

How fun! I bet they are going to get you guys back with a prank cuz yours was a really good one : )

Sierra Leone Mission Trips said...

Love your blog! "God's girl" commented on mine yesterday, so I've been clicking on her friends. This is FUN!

I have relatives in Pueblo, Denver and other Colo cities. We were at Cuchara last week for the 2nd time. We were thrilled with the cool (almost cold) temps.

Your flower pics are beautiful!

Ah yes, Who Moved My Cheese...I did some staff development on that book a few years ago.

You have a great day!